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Why Doesn’t Fast Food Go Bad? – Issue # 187/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Tuesday 11/03/2015

“Mummified” Fast Food?

We have probably all heard about fast food not going bad, you know burgers and other fast food that sits on a counter and never molds or rots. You wonder why? Here is some insight into this phenomenon from our friends at naturalnews.com :


“It’s generally mummified,” claims wellness specialist of displayed convenience food

“There’s no odor from it, it’s primarily mummified,” claimed Vaughn Chiropractic’s Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn. “You can pick it up, transform it over as well as still go to the cheese as well as pickle in the cheeseburger. Even in the summertime when we get ants, the bugs won’t go near it.”(2).

Food chemicals such as calcium propionate and salt propionate are utilized to assist baked excellent from increasing mold and catching perishing. Buns, pies, cakes, pizza and also breads usually utilize such preservatives, which could ruin the physical body.

Health and wellness damage linked to food preservatives as well as additives.

For example, calcium propionate and salt propionate have actually been linked to stomach lining harm, negatively affecting its capability to recover. Gastritis, in addition to significant ulcers can accompany excessive consumption of such products. They’re additionally linked to migraine headache frustrations as well as are believed to go beyond physical conditions too. One research study showed that ongoing intake of calcium propionate in children brought about significant behavior adjustments such as sleep disruption, restlessness as well as irritation. When the youngsters stopped consuming such foods, those behaviors passed the wayside and more desirable behaviors were recovered.(3).

Different additives as well as preservatives additionally have the capacity to threaten health and wellness. They’re not simply made use of to keep meats lasting for a long time in supermarkets and in consumers’ fridges yet likewise utilized to keep food-borne health problems at bay. To achieve this, delicatessens meats are often injected with nitrates, hen with sodium lactate, potassium lactate, hydrolyzed protein, monosodium glutamate and also papain, and also ground beef with binding chemicals such as carrageenan. All of these chemicals are connected with everything from creating tummy cancer to generating allergies in people.(4).

Junk foods that do not spoil not uncommon.

The Michigan health workplace isn’t the starting point to shed light on the stunning shelf life of fast food.

A number of years ago, a Utah male by the name of David Whipple made headlines when he uncovered a neglected McDonald’s hamburger in his layer pocket that had actually existed given that 1999. Dubbed the “globe’s earliest hamburger,” it hardly revealed signs of change in look from its purchase over 10 years earlier.(5).

The idea of using such visuals to showcase junk foods appears to develop an impactful message to the general public. Several wellness institutions, schools and other organizations have actually been understood to present prominent sodas as well as juices, their sugar material shared by filling up a neighboring container with the material to illustrate how much is in fact in every container.

Hopefully, these stories will certainly make more people reconsider eating from fast-food chains and be a lot more in tune to tags so that they prevent the similarity nitrates, calcium propionate, carrageenan and fine-tuned sugars.


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