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Honey and Water

What Are The Health Benefits Of Honey & Warm Water? – Issue # 138/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 11/24/2014


7 Ways A Cup of Honey With Warm Water Could Boost Your Health


You would be surprised at how easy some of the best health habits are to incorporate into your daily routine. Here is a simple recipe for health we wanted to share that has seven different health benefits from our friends at naturalnews.com :

Honey and Water

Today’s health news might have you hesitating before grabbing the sweets dish. As we learn much more about the unfavorable effects of sweets on our health, it is hard to find a healthy alternative. Thankfully, honey is a suitable sugar substitute oftentimes, especially refreshments. Starting your day of rest with a cup of cozy water as well as honey has an amazing number of wellness perks.

Warm Water with Honey as well as Lemon

Beginning your early morning off on the right foot. Health expert, Jodi Geigle of Mind Physical body Green advises making a beverage by adding 1 to 2 tbsps of raw, natural honey to warm water. For a dash a lot more flavor, add in a splash of fresh lemon juice or a dash of cinnamon. Consuming this each early morning, on an empty belly, supplies you with an unexpected number of health benefits.

Improvement Your Weight management

Hungering for a wonderful refreshment, such as soft drink, does not make you a weight management failure, it makes you human! Nevertheless, soft drink (yes, even diet soft drink) loads you up with vacant, chemical-laden components as well as no health and wellness advantages. Attempt swapping one soft drink a day for honey water to enhance weight loss goals. The organic sweets in honey assists cleanse the liver, flushing poisonous substances and also fatty tissue from the body, recommends Geigle. Including lemon to your honey water increases its cleansing homes. The citric acid in lemon promotes the liver as well as lemon water boosts urination, aiding you in flushing out poisonous substances.

Help Maximize Your Body immune system

Raw honey is a digital resistance increasing drink. Full of antibacterial residential properties, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in raw honey help from an obstacle versus damaging germs. Consume honey water at the first sign of a cold or influenza. Honey also assists soothe and also coat a sore throat, minimizing coughing from inflammation.

Enhance Food digestion

If gas and also acid indigestion afflict you after big dishes, try some honey water. Honey neutralizes gas as well as has antiseptic homes, aiding fight a gassy, upset stomach. Eating honey water also aids keep you normal, according to the way of living professionals at Lifehack. Honey assists moisturize the colon as well as your stool, making it less complicated to go.

Battle Afternoon Energy Lag

We have all succumbed the mid-day depression. Next time, try a cup of cozy honey water just before grabbing the coffee or sugar-laden snacks. Honey water rates hydration, aiding normally liven up your body. Honey’s organic sweets supply healthy and balanced calories, offering you a healthy and balanced power boost. Best of all, a cup of honey water helps you avoid the unavoidable sweets crash that has raiding the office vending device.

Decrease Allergies

According to Lifehack, eating raw, regional honey helps reduce seasonal allergies. While honey most likely will not replace your OTC allergic reaction medications, neighborhood honey may decrease the response your body needs to the plant pollen in your area. Honey bees produce honey from the pollen produces by local plants. Exposure to this plant pollen helps reduce your sensitivity.

Stay Hydrated and also Healthy and balanced

Honey water battles of dehydration, Baseding on our contributor, honey helps keep your heart healthy by reducing bad cholesterol as well as enhancing the heart.


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