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What Are Some “Healthy Gut” Foods? – Issue # 133/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 10/20/2014


Foods Rich In Probiotics


As always we like to bring you a friendly reminder of the importance of eating probiotic rich foods, so please read below for some quick examples of foods that are so good for gut health. The helpful reminders below come from are friends at natural news.com :

If your belly is creating  problems, it could be because of not having healthy and balanced bacteria deep within the gut. An absence of healthy and balanced microorganisms in the gut can cause inflammatory bowel illness, constipation, looseness of the bowels, stomach gurgling and difficulty digesting dishes. The method you can remedy these intestinal problems normally is by consuming whole foods such as vegetables and fruits and fermented abundant foods that contain probiotics.

Pickled Vegetables

Probiotics are helpful bacteria that can aid your tummy stay healthy and balanced as well as operating properly. Nonetheless, understanding which foods are rich in probiotics is essential that can help your digestive system getting back on track.

# 1 Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a fermented meals which contains tons of useful bacteria. You can eat cottage cheese as a light lunch time or in addition to a leafy green tossed salad as a dressing. Heck, some people even consume home cheese for breakfast with fresh berries or chunked pineapple.

# 2 Greek Yogurts

Greek yogurt is a wholesome meals rich in healthy live germs that is beneficial to the intestinal system. You can eat it this thick luscious food as a snack or snack with fresh fruit, granola, seeds and your preferred natural sugar on top such as maple syrup, honey and agave nectar.

# 3 Pickled Vegetables

Any kind of kind of pickled vegetables such as cucumbers, environment-friendly grains, carrots, olives and also asparagus is jam-packed packed with lactobacilli, which is a healthy germs that develops throughout the fermenting procedure. The bacterium is just one of the most effective ones that can help keep the digestive tract healthy and balanced and also for avoiding tummy problems normally. You can eat pickled vegetables as they are or include them to salads, main courses or appetiser plates. Best of all, you’re not only acquiring a healthy and balanced dosage of bacteria into your gut when consuming pickled vegetables, but you’re likewise getting a healthy amount of fiber also.

# 4 Dark Chocolate

You might locate this next probiotic rich food a bit odd, yet dark delicious chocolate actually is one. This is considering that when the wholesome chocolaty meals is eaten together with other fermented foods, it helps provide probiotic rich meals straight right into the intestine where it is should assist get the intestinal system back on track.

# 5 Sauerkraut

Cabbage is fermented using friendly microorganisms. As soon as the friendly bacteria and shredded cabbage has actually been socializing, it creates a wholesome probiotic abundant meals you might referred to as sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is dished out as a side dish or atop hotdogs and Sandwich sandwiches. However, you could consume this delicate tasty fermented food whichever way you desire.

Now that you understand 5 of the tastiest fermented meals to eat to assist acquire some probiotics into your diet plan, go take up as well as aid that digestion system of your own obtain back on track. Nevertheless, you do not would like to proceed being plagued by tummy problems that could easily be treated with a healthy amount of live bacteria that are beneficial to the overall health and wellness of your gut.



Please remember that if you are having a problem getting enough of these foods into your diet that you enhance your diet with a daily probiotic supplement.

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