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What Are Some “Chocolate-less” Easter Gifts For Kids? – Issue # 156/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 03/30/2015

7 Non-Chocolate Easter Present Ideas for Kids

You intend to offer your youngster a memorable Easter, but you are worried about every one of the harmful calories in the traditional delicious chocolate which shows up this time around each year. Why not try some fun non-chocolate Easter present options as an alternative?

The 7 “un-chocolate” presents suggestion listed below enable your kid to enjoy an Easter party, without advertising unhealthy eating behaviors.


1– Play-Doh eggs– Get your hands on some hollow, plastic Easter eggs. These are readily available at craft stores and big box stores this time around yearly. Style Play-Doh or modeling clay right into egg forms as well as place inside the plastic eggs for a zero-calorie gift that your youngster can have fun with long after Easter has passed.

2– Easter bunny ears– You could make your own bunny ears at home, or investment low-cost prefabricated designs. Spend some time to describe to your kid how bunnies live and what they consume, and also you may even be awarded with a young carrot crunching Easter Rabbit.

3– Real eggs!– For hundreds of years, real eggs were used to celebrate Easter. Hard-boiled eggs are fun for youngsters to dye and also enhance, and then you could conceal them for a conventional Easter egg look. Eggs are an outstanding source of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and vitamins A, B2, B5 and B12, making a much more healthy option to chocolate.

4– Plastic eggs– We discussed plastic eggs previously for holding Play-Doh or clay. You can also place coins, a scavenger listing, nuts and also dried fruit in plastic eggs for a fun, non-chocolate Easter treat.

5– Make healthy “non-eggs”– talking nuts and also dried out fruit, you can integrate these healthy delicious chocolate alternatives with entire grains as well as granola and cook into egg forms. You can additionally form healthy and balanced grain bars right into egg forms and area inside plastic eggs.

6– Going to Kidspot.com– This fantastic, cost-free source for moms and dads makes maintaining your kids occupied without chocolate on Easter very easy. On the website’s Easter Activities web page, there is a slide showcase of 20 different Easter fun time games and projects your children will like.

7– Make an Easter Bunny omelette– Change the conventional delicious chocolate Easter bunny with an omelette! Purchase an Easter Bunny profile cut out or stencil from your local craft shop. There are additionally cookie cutters made in rabbit forms. Include your kid’s favored omelette ingredients and you have a healthy as well as familiar looking Easter Rabbit that is nutritious and dental filling.



Author: Joe Vargas


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