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Salad Dressing

What Are Our 5 Favorite Low Fat Salad Dressings? – Issue # 127/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 09/08/2014

Delicious, Healthy and Balanced Low-Fat Tossed Salad Dressings


We could all agree that mixed greens are just one of the healthiest meals you can eat. With a selection of additions, you could make a meal from a salad and also get nourishment from just about all the significant food groups. But, that best meal can be destroyed if you decide on the incorrect tossed salad dressing to go on it.

Salad Dressing

Many of us don’t think of exactly what we top our mixed greens with. We are careful to utilize sprouts, shelled nuts, lettuce and green spinach leaves however we then drown all of it in our preferred mixed greens dressing. That favored dressing just additionaled a whole heap of fat to your meal.

Read the tags. Many tossed salad dressings are made with sufficient body fat to go around. The average is about eleven grams per giving, but you could locate some with more. Oh, and check your serving size. It is not one huge capture of liquor, but more like a tsp of dressing. For thicker dressings this will not also cover one leaf of the lettuce.

You do have some choices when it involves tossed salad dressings. Exactly how about making one on your own? You will understand what the components are as well as can period it to taste without the added fat that is available in a container. Right here are five instances.

# 1 Home-made  ranch tossed salad dressing– Have you seen the Hidden Valley Ranch packets in your salad dressing aisles? As opposed to grabbing the bottle, make some yourself. Rather than full-fat sour cream, opt for the fat-free sour lotion as well as include the flavoring mix. You could tweak the dish to your tastes, adding basically sour cream.

# 2 Home-made vinaigrette– Vinaigrette tossed salad dressing is a light choice to Italian. It has a vinegar base with numerous herbs and also fruit included. Raspberry vinaigrette offers fruit salad a little kick and also could cut the acidity of the fruit. With this, a little goes a long way for both insurance coverage as well as preference.

# 3 Oil as well as vinegar– You can choose which oil you want. Attempt an extra pure olive oil and your favorite flavorful vinegar. Throw in a couple of herbs to flavor it and also shake it in your mixed greens as you toss. Shaking assists each bite to get a taste.

# 4 Spray salad dressings– These are sold by Kraft. Your favored Caesar dressing, vinaigrette, balsamic vinegar and also Italian are placed in pump bottles that offer preference without the calories. You could spritz as much as you like.

# 5 Light dressings– There are some light selections that do have taste as well as less than 5 calories per offering. If you like creamier dressings like Thousand Island, try the light version as opposed to the fatty tissue cost-free for additional of an uniformity.

Are you a mixed greens sort of person? Use these five salad dressing alternatives to obtain the preference that you want on your salad without too much added fat.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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