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Watermelon A Natural Treatment For Muscle Aches? – Issue #112/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 05/26/2014

Watermelon: Summertime’s Favorite Fruit A Muscle Ache Treatment?

I love Summer, and I love Watermelon! Summertime is a time for outdoor activities, from swimming, surfing, running and any number of outdoor sports. So in the spirit of Summertime fun I wanted to share what many athletes have come to know, and that is that not only is watermelon a great summertime treat, it is also a great summertime muscle treatment for active sports enthusiasts. That’s right watermelon is great for sore and aching muscles! To learn more please follow the summary below from an article on naturalnews.com :


Several sportsmens have established painful muscle mass after carrying out energetic workouts or doing a brand-new workout. This is because of fatigue-inducing stress on your muscle mass. This triggers tiny rips in the muscle, which the muscle tissues fix themselves and while doing so come to be more powerful. Nevertheless, muscle mass pains is uncomfortable and stressful. New study has disclosed that you don’t have to go with the pain anymore, as there is a brand-new remedy to muscular tissue pains.

Specialists have uncovered that melon has a magic method of easing the post-workout muscular tissue discomforts. If you consume watermelon juice or eat it before your training session, you will  not really feel the pain after a brand-new exercise or vigorous physical exercises. In a new research, sportsmens were offered a watermelon fruit or juice improved with watermelon prior to their workout. They mentioned less muscle pain on the days they drank the melon juice just before their exercise.


Individuals view watermelon to be made up of water and organic sweets. However, watermelon is just one of the most nutritious fruits. It consists of vitamins A and C, which are really critical to the body. Melon additionally contains L-citrulline and amino acids. L-citrulline helps the muscles get air quicker. This makes them repair themselves a lot faster.

Antioxidant  Properties

Melon juice is believed to have antioxidant that improve sports performance and rise muscle healthy protein. After an intense exercise, one really feels discomfort later on as a result of tiny tears in the muscle fibers. Other than L-citrulline, watermelon also has anti-inflammatory  properties which help ease muscle mass aches.

Exactly what the athletes found

During the study, different athletes were given three different samples. Some were given natural melon, others juice improved with watermelon and the rest a control beverage without any L-citrulline an hour before their exercise. The sportsmens who drank the all-natural melon JUICE, as well as those who consume the juice boosted with melon, reported less muscle mass discomfort 1 Day after their workout. However, the all-natural watermelon juice appeared to be a lot more feasible. Therefore, the analysts liked the all-natural melon juice to the enhanced one.

Benefits of melon

While watermelon has numerous valuable nutrients, including vitamin A and C, lycopene and beta-carotene, the analysts advised regarding consuming them everyday prior to exercising. They claimed that melon has a great deal much more fructose compared to the advised quantity.



The next time you plan to opt for a really extreme exercise, you can consider making watermelon juice. It will certainly conserve you the stress of experiencing the post-workout muscle pain the next day you awaken. You will certainly likewise get a great deal of nutrients. If you do not have a blender, you could merely  consume naturally, because the result will coincide.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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