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Want 11 Good Reasons To Add Probiotics To Your Diet? – Issue # 115/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 06/16/2014

Add Probiotics To Your Diet For Good Health

Still wondering what all the fuss over probiotics is all about? It seems every week I read about a new and exciting benefit these “good bacteria” bestow on us. So in an effort to share a few of these probiotic health benefits with you we are including this list below we came across on wewomen.com. You can increase your probiotic intake by eating fermented foods, such as Sauerkraut or Pickles, or Yogurt and of course you can opt to use a good probiotic supplement. In any case enjoy the list below, some benefits may surprise you:



1. It prevents traveling tummy troubles

With over 70 % of our immune system situated in our gut, it’s not unusual that probiotics could help us with A WHOLE LOT more than just our intestinal health and wellness. Probiotics can also help assist our organic defenses so exactly what better time to start taking probiotics compared to when you’re jet-setting around the globe? Nutritional Therapist at Bio-Kult, Natalie Lamb claims, “Probiotics can aid stop an indigestion when taking a trip – when abroad local pressures of bacteria will certainly be brand-new to the body so our body immune system is keyed to secure versus them.” Women, vacationer’s belly will certainly soon be a thing of the past! Say thanks to God.
2. You’re one step closer to better skin
We would certainly have never thought our digestive tract and skin were connected, however yet once more science has actually enlightened us. Probiotics actually are the following huge elegance meals …Head of Nutrition at Poise Belgravia and founder of Food-State brand name Wild Nutrition, Henrietta Norton, clarifies why.”If the intestine vegetations is interrupted, the intestine wall could come to be permeable and allow toxins into the bloodstream, reaching areas of the body that the digestive tract wall often protects, such as the skin.
“Gut flora likewise features as a fundamental part of daily cleansing and if this is reduced then poisonous substances are more readily secreted via the skin, increasing susceptability to places.”
3. It could aid enhance your intestinal wellnessJust how does that work? Natalie mentions, “Specific strains have actually been revealed to create different digestion enzymes required to crack food down in the small intestine.” So not simply do probiotics help guard our GI (intestinal) tract however they additionally help in the digestion process also. Which is half the work provided for us currently! Where’s the yogurt?

4. It’s mood-boosting

Feeling a little bit meh? Pretty tired, but can not seem to figure out why? Observe those signs – it could be your gut!” Gut discrepancies could also be suggested in numerous symptoms that may initially not be seen to be connected to the gut, such as tiredness, poor concentration, anxiety, low mood, problems and so on. An efficient option is to diet supplement the microflora by taking a probiotic to bring back the balance,” says Natalie.

So following time you need some comforting, pop a probiotic. Study confirms they could make you happy (and not merely your belly).

5. Improve shut-eye

Ladies probiotics could be your answer to obtaining a good night’s snooze. If you’re discovering it hard to turn off and constantly wake up in the evening, don’t stress. Obtaining a good night’s sleep is a great deal harder compared to you may assume and even much more so when you’re attempting to get your recommended Zzz percentage. This is where probiotics could help. Natalie mentions, “The hormone serotonin needed to make melatonin the ‘sleep/relaxation’ hormone is greatly produced in the gut– so keeping the intestine wonderful and healthy and balanced can possibly effect a good night’s sleep.”.

6. It safeguards versus hay fever

Sniffles? Itching eyes? Ah, we understand the sensation all too well yet probiotics might manage to offer you with comfort during allergy season. Natalie claims, “As hay fever is linked with an oversensitive immune system taking a day-to-day multi-strain probiotic throughout the year and specifically in the springtime could possibly aid sustain a healthy immune response.”

Battle out those aggravating pollens by restoring your intestine and strengthening your immune system. Soon ‘achoo’ will certainly be a thing of the past!

7. It could improve your cholesterol levels

If you have actually failed your cholesterol levels test and are looking for a way to reduce it, probiotics could be your remedy …OptiBac Probiotics Naturopath & Herbalist Megan Crowch claims, “One of the most current developments in probiotics research is cholesterol management. Specifically 3 specific strains of microorganisms have been shown, in a gold typical professional trial, to possess cholesterol-lowering qualities using various mechanisms, to help handle cholesterol degrees.”Consuming probiotics is one of the simplest and most natural ways to assist your cholesterol levels, so just what are you awaiting? We suggest OptiBac Probiotics for your cholesterol which combines Alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) and the 3 bacterial strains that you require for better heart health.

8. It can assist fend off vicious yeast infections

Dealing with cottage-cheese like discharge and pain? It does not appear pretty, but thrush is a great deal additional common than you assume! Try restoring your body’s great microorganisms – it could in fact work marvels for your female garden. Megan mentions, “The vaginal vegetations is extremely naturally well balanced, and bad microorganisms and yeasts could create issues such as urinary tract infections and thrush. Having a great balance of pleasant germs could help to urge healthy vaginal plants, and this can be promoted by taking a specific probiotic oral supplement.”.

Theoretically, probiotics help reduce your possibilities of developing infections ‘down there’.

9. It can possibly help you slim down (YES really!)

A supplement that can assist you lose double the fat? Also excellent to be true, best? Well, recent research confirms or else. Below’s why …”In one study carried out, the over weight mice were offered a type of bacteria called Akkermansia muciniphila which often tends to be lacking in those who are overweight. To the scientists’ shock the mice proceeded to lose over half their physical body weight! Although there are no medical tests in humans yet, it’s an establishing location of research, and with any luck in the near future specific probiotics will be readily available on the market to help with weight management,” mentions Megan.
Probiotics are also great for detoxing as they make remove contaminants from the body.

10. It relieves irregular bowel movements

Yea, discussing poop is CERTAINLY unpleasant, but who wants to experience in silence? Two times as numerous women deal with constipation compared to males (which is entirely unreasonable) but this could transform by taking something as easy as a probiotic supplement, and even by eating a probiotic-rich food. Megan mentions, “Constipation is a huge concern in our culture, fueled by our reliance on convenience food, more people doing inactive office job, and most importantly our unwillingness to talk about it! Nonetheless probiotics, specifically those which live in the big bowel like the Bifidobacteria family, can actually make to obtain the bowels moving.”

11. It helps ease bloating

No girl likes a bulging belly. So how in the world can we start feeling comfortable again?​”A high quality probiotic supplement containing well-researched strains should help with bloating. Probiotics can help to expel the pathogenic, or ‘putrefying’ bacteria, which can cause excess production of gases leading to bloating.
“​A good probiotic will also help to break down food substances such as dairy and starch (as many women experience bloating due to poor digestion of these foods)”, says Megan. This is exactly the kinda thing we need. Bloat offenders – get lost! We’re all over probiotics.

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