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Skim Milk Makes Me Fat And Harms My Heart? – Issue # 144/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 01/05/2015


Skim Milk Amounts To Cardiovascular Disease

Anyone that thinks that they are doing themselves good by drinking skim or low-fat milk, need to think again. Please read below a portion of an article from fhfn.org that highlights the reasons you should just stop drinking skim milk altogether:

Before World War II, Americans really did not ever before consume skim or lowfat milk. Drinking such an item to remain “thin and also healthy and balanced” would have been absurd. Americans would simply consume whole milk. Actually, the larger the creamline on their milk, the better the milk, and also the more likely the customer was to buy it. Milk had not been homogenized in those days, so a consumer might quickly see the distinct creamline on the milk to figure out quality.

Heart Disease

Cream has been considered a true health food for centuries. In Old Greece, Olympic sportsmens drank a bowlful of lotion to provide them strength and also endurance just before competitors. Why? Since lotion steadies blood sugar for an extended period of time. No ups as well as downs in the hormone insulin when your diet has great deals of terrific saturated fat in it. It is only when you consume lowfat that blood glucose issues such as diabetic issues and also hypoglycemia often emerge.

So, just how did skim milk come to be recognized as a healthfood in America? Everything connections back to the demonization of saturated fats that began shortly after The second world war. Americans began to abandon butter and also lotion in droves concerning this time around because studies had actually evidently shown that hydrogenated fat was linked to the expanding number of heart disease cases in America.

Never mind that coronary artery disease (stopped up canals) was essentially unknown prior to the mid 1920’s when Americans sank every little thing in lotion as well as butter. Logic as well as observation plainly indicated that hydrogenated fat can not possibly be the reason for cardiovascular disease– it was obviously something new that had been introduced into the American diet plan. Of course, this “something” is partially hydrogenated fats which were presented around 1921 (Enter Crisco. Bingo! Very first cardiac arrest in 1927). These factory fats are mainly in charge of the epidemic of heart disease yet saturated fats took the fall anyhow.

With Americans deserting entire milk as a result of its high hydrogenated fat content, skim milk was proclaimed as the new heart healthy food. Americans bought the rip-off hook, line, as well as sinker. Skim milk was the brand-new king of the milk alley. This habits design has continued for years in spite of the average American obtaining fatter as well as fatter and also the cases of heart problem revealing no signs of moderating.

In the 1990’s with the starts of the youth excessive weight epidemic, medical professionals even began to encourage moms and dads to switch their youngsters to skim or lowfat milk around age 2. This silly suggestion has actually done nothing but make youngsters fatter (source).

How does consuming skim milk make youngsters (and also grownups) fatter? This obvious paradox happens when you lessen the hydrogenated fat in a person’s diet as well as he/she counts on carbs (grains as well as sugars primarily) to complete the gap. It is the grains and also sweets that really make you fat, not saturated fat. I’ve stated prior to on this blog that the even more butter and also cream I consume, the simpler it is to keep my weight. MUCH easier.

The very same goes for we all. If you consume skim milk, you will be missing out on the satisfying, blood sugar as well as the hormone insulin steadying affects of saturated fat, so your body will automatically provide you sweets as well as carbohydrate (grains) yearnings to balance it. The body has the ability to MAKE saturated fat from sweets, for this reason the sweets yearnings that are impossible to manage when you consume a lowfat diet regimen that consists of skim milk.

Try it! Raise your intake of butter, entire milk natural yogurt and also whole milk cheese for a couple of days and also view your sweets yearnings quickly decrease!

Another big secret is that Big Milk adds skim milk powder to skim milk. Right here’s a passage from “Dirty Tricks of the Food Processing Industry” :

A note on the production of skim milk powder: liquid milk is compelled with a little opening at high pressure, and then burnt out into the air. This creates a bunch of nitrates to form and the cholesterol in the milk is oxidized. Those of you that recognize with my work recognize that cholesterol levels is your friend; you don’t have to bother with natural cholesterol levels in your meals; nevertheless, you do not would like to consume oxidized cholesterol. Corroded cholesterol adds to the accumulation of cavity enducing plaque in the canals, to atherosclerosis. So when you drink reduced-fat milk thinking that it will help you prevent cardiovascular disease, you are actually taking in oxidized cholesterol levels, which launches the process of heart disease.

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