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Too Much Sitting

Sitting Too Much Is Really Bad For Me, Right?- Issue # 151/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 02/23/2015

Do You Take A Seat Too Much Every Day?

New research results keep verifying what we have suspected too much sitting is not really good for us. However how bad is it for you?

Too Much Sitting

Even if you frequently work out when not sitting behind your workdesk, it still substantially raises your threat for diabetes, heart disease (including strokes as well as cardiovascular disease), weight problems and even particular kinds of cancer cells. For every single 2 hours of sitting, you elevate your danger of colon cancer cells by 8 percent, endometrial cancer cells by 10 percent, as well as lung cancer by 6 percent.


The Mayo Facility did a research study of just how sitting has an effect on blood glucose spiking as well as what they discovered was incredible. If the research study individuals returned to sitting after a meal, or ate while sitting at their desk, their blood sugar level peaked as well as stayed there for 2 hours. Nevertheless, if the same participants took a 15-minute walk at just 1 mph after eating, their blood sugar level tops were cut in half. Of course your threat for creating diabetes rises if you regularly have high blood glucose.

Heart Disease

When we rest, we are not burning as many calories as we would certainly if we were up and moving around. So it takes longer for our bodies to burn off the calories we ate at lunch. This keeps the blood glucose higher for a longer time frame. As well as obviously high blood sugar level effectively creates tiny splits on the inside of capillaries as well as canals– prime locations for oral plaque buildup to begin building up as well as eventually create heart problem. In the American Heart Journal short article Circulation: Cardiac arrest, it documented guys that sat for greater than 5 hrs per day raised their threat of heart problem by 34 % verses males which only rested 2 hours daily.

Excessive Weight

It is a well-documented fact that if you consume more calories compared to you burn, you will certainly put on weight as the physical body stores the additional calories it doesn’t need at the time. It is an all-natural defense mechanism to make sure that we have fatty tissue saves to draw upon in case of lean times.

By resting, we are not burning the calories we had for lunch time as well as any kind of treats eaten during the day. The additional calories increase your weight which in effect begin to create various other health problems, consisting of diabetes. In such a way it ends up being the “Which preceded, the chicken or the egg?” issue. Did diabetes trigger your obesity or did your excessive weight reason diabetic issues?

Exactly How You Can Decrease Your Danger

There are several points you can do to lessen your threat of wellness issues due to sitting. First, get up and move around. That could mean tramping to a colleague’s workdesk rather than sending out an e-mail. Frequently rise and also get a glass of water from the water cooler or a cup of coffee from the break room or cafeteria.

Next, take a short 15-minute stroll outside after lunch. Not just will it reduce your blood glucose spike, however it will remove your head and also reduce stress.

Lastly get at least 2 1/2 hrs of moderate to high-intensity cardio exercise each week in addition to muscle-strengthening exercises twice every week. While workout won’t totally offset the results of extended sitting, it will certainly aid.

If you have a say in your workplace design, think about getting a standing desk. Your physical body will thank you for it.


Author: Joe Vargas


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