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Should Women Lift Weights? – Issue # 176/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 08/17/2015

5 Reasons Females Need To Lift Weights

There used to be a belief that females need to not raise weights. The thought was ladies would certainly shed the womanly appearance when they obtained “muscled up” and bulky. As well as yes, if you are a female bodybuilder on supplements and steroids, you will not look considerably various from the men that engage in the very same weightlifting suitables. However you need to actually be lifting weights as a woman, as well as here are 5 actually better reasons why.


1– You Shed More Fat

A Penn State research showed just what a number of other research study documents and also number crunching health and fitness experts have actually revealed. Weightlifting burns 30 % to 40 % more fat compared to diet plan or aerobic workout. The Penn State scientists developed 3 teams of dieters:

Those who did not work out in any way

Dieters which exercised aerobically

Those dieters that raised weights as well as doing aerobic exercise

Across-the-board, an average of 21 pounds was lost by all of the dieters. Nevertheless, the weightlifting females shed nearly pure fat! The dieters that did not exercise, as well as those that only took pleasure in aerobic workout, saw 25 % of their weight reduction originating from muscle mass. Not good.

2– You Will Certainly Have Stronger Bones

Weight resistance training for 12 to 18 weeks provides bone development of 15 % to 20 %. Stamina training with weights in time on a regular basis makes your bones stronger as well as much healthier. This is particularly vital for ladies, that endure a normally better propensity for weak bones as well as poorer bone density as they age.

3– You Could Wear A lot More Complementary Clothing

We have actually already seen that weightlifting is an awesome fat heating element. In between the ages of 30 and 50 ladies lose 10 % to 20 % of their muscle naturally. Your body weight usually increases throughout this time around, through fat gain. A constant weightlifting regimen assists you manage a healthy waist size, maintaining humiliating fat from limiting your apparel selections.

4– You Will Certainly Embrace a Nutritious Diet

For any type of variety of factors, it appears that females who work out with weights frequently typically enhance their diet also. It simply makes good sense. When you see and feel yourself coming to be more powerful, looking sexier as well as shedding fat, you intend to maintain the process going. Not just does your physical body shed even more calories as a result of a weightlifting program, but you psychologically find it a lot easier to adhere to a nourishing diet plan when you like the means you look in the mirror.

5– You Will Certainly Be More Successful, Efficient and Happy

When females raise weights as a part of a healthy way of living, they shed a bunch of fat. This makes them really feel better concerning themselves, and exercise also triggers the launch of “feel good” chemicals in your human brain. As a result of feeling and look fantastic, you begin to sustain your body with healthy food rather than fast food, sweet desserts as well as processed trash. All these steps incorporate making you a lot more efficient considering that you are fulled of a lot organic power. This leads to success in all areas of your life, and also what female wouldn’t be happy keeping that result?


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