1) Significantly Increases The Absorption of Fruits.

The most significant advantage of Lyophilization is that it increases the Bioavailability (BA) or in other words the absorption of fruits and all the nutrients they posses. When we eat fruits in their original form only 5% of nutrients get absorbed by our bodies. When we drink fresh fruits juice 40% – 60% of fruits’ nutrients get absorbed. But when we eat Lyophilized (freeze dried) fruits powder more than 90% of fruits’ nutrients get absorbed by our bodies. This astonishing benefit was made possible because Lyophilized powder dissolves easily in our saliva and therefore gets easily absorbed. The Lyophilized fruits’ nutrients get penetrated into our bodies even before reaching our stomach by getting absorbed into the right side auricle through our jugular vein. Also, according to scientists, Lyophilization preserves up to 98% of nutrients that fruits have. This is the highest rate of nutrients preservation in the industry.


2) Completely Preserves Molecular Structure of Fruits.

Lyophilization Technology is an innovative technology that extracts only the water out of a substance and completely preserves the molecular structure of the fruits. It works by freezing the fruits and then reducing the surrounded pressure to allow the frozen water in the fruits to sublimate directly from the solid phase to the gas phase. It is the most expensive technology on the market but also the most efficient in preserving almost all vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients that fruits have.


3) Prolongs The Shelf Life of Fruits Without Using Preservatives.

astroAnother main advantage of Lyophilization is that by extracting completely the water out of fruits it significantly prolongs the shelf  life of products. Since water is the source of life at large, as well as the source of the life of bacteria that harms and spoils the fruits, the absence of water creates an atmosphere where no life can grow. Therefore the Lyophilzed fruits powder can stay as long as 2 years without using any preservatives.



Because of these astonishing benefits, Lyophilization Technology is currently used by NASA and Roscosmos, also American and Russian astronauts continue to use foods made by it. The products made by Lyophilization Technology are light, comfortable to carry and most important have all nutrients that the original food or fruits have. Already for 15 years we have been applying Lyophilization Technology at our manufacturing facilities to receive dried probiotic mass and we currently extended the use of a Lyophilization to dry fruits. Lyophilized fruits not only contain all the vitamins and minerals that fresh fruits contain, but also they have the exact same mouthwatering taste as the actual fruits have.


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