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Fermented Foods

Probiotics Rich Foods – Issue # 114/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 06/09/2014


Fermented Foods  Rich In Probiotics  As Cancer Treatment


In reading a recent article in naturalnews.com  I came across yet more information confirming even more health benefits of using probiotics in our daily wellness regimen. These tiny good bacteria, if kept in proper balance in our gut ecosystem, really perform many wonderous jobs in our bodies. From boosting immunity to having positive effects on brain function to possibly preventing or helping to treat cancer. Please read the following great news below:

Fermented Foods

Thought about a as dietary buzzword amongst the health-conscious crowd, probiotics are prominent as a vital addition to the diet for keeping intestinal balance. And now, studies have discovered these micro-organisms are much more powerful compared to recently believed, by playing a sizable job in discouraging, as well as healing, cancer.

Probiotics  and Health

Present in a wide variety of meals like natural yogurt, cheese, miso, and fermented veggies, and also in additional foods, probiotics are the guardians of health and wellness on many levels. Not just do these real-time microorganisms populate the gut with helpful germs and off-set troublesome pathogens, however additionally work in tandem with the immune system, providing it a substantial increase. Probiotics lessen inflammation, soothe depression and calm tension response also. However scientists are specifically passionate concerning the current application for these microscopic bacteria: cancer deterrence and therapy.

Probiotics and the Anticancer Connection

A comment published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition checks out the component probiotics play in decreasing the danger of cancer:.

“Usage of fermented dairy products with LAB [lactic acid germs] might generate anti-tumor impacts. These impacts are credited to the restraint of mutagenic task, the reduction in numerous enzymes implicated in the generation of carcinogens, mutagens, or tumor-promoting brokers, suppression of tumors, and public health correlating nutritional regimens and cancer cells. … Researches on the effect of probiotic usage on cancer cells show up encouraging, considering that recent in vitro and in vivo research studies have suggested that probiotic bacteria could decrease the threat, incidence and variety of tumors of the colon, liver and bladder.”

In addition, research in the American Diary of Clinical Nutrition states that” [i] ngestion of feasible probiotics or prebiotics is connected with anti-carcinogenic results, one system which is the cleansing of genotoxins in the gut. This mechanism was shown experimentally in animals with usage of the rat colon carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine and by determining endpoints that vary from tumorigenesis to induction of DNA harm.”.

Additionally, when prebiotics  (discovered in meals like Jerusalem artichokes, chicory, origin vegetables, asparagus, jicama and leeks) are taken in along with probiotics, the result is a lower tons of genotoxic agents and increased production of protective elements like butyrate– a short-chain fatty acid that defends against colon cancer cells.

Last but not least, remember the complying with points made by Vanessa Wada, MS, RD, of Pomona Valley Healthcare facility Medical Facility:.

“Probiotic-containing meals are fairly common in Japan and Europe however are gradually making their way in the United States. There is capacity for these microbial animals in cancer cells prevention, yet more research should be conducted. Knowing the use of probiotics as a part of the whole food vs. the separated item, obtaining a more extensive know-how of its mechanism in the gut, and recognizing the particular strains that have the biggest valuable effect in advertising wellness will certainly be locations of future study and attraction. And as long as these researches remain to supply favorable outcomes, including probiotics into the diet is a risk-free, very easy, and economical means to shield oneself from disease.”



Consume as much probiotic abundant foods, and bear in mind if you are visiting use a probiotics diet supplement to make use of one that is a “synbiotic”, that is to claim that it is a combo of prebiotics and probiotics together in order to get the extra added protection of components like butyrate.

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