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Probiotics Replace Antibiotics For Healthy Poultry? – Issue # 168/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 06/22/2015

Probiotics As Alternative To Antibiotics For Chickens

We always are interested in the continued  progress in the use of Probiotics, even if it is in non-human users. Yes, these tiny little creatures that survive inside a living host are proving to be helpful in the health of livestock, in this case chickens. The wonderful thing is that they can replace the use of antibiotics in poultry and result in naturally healthier chickens, and who doesn’t want that. Here is some interesting information about this from themalaysianinsider.com :


A team of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers has developed a brand-new option for antibiotics for poultries by putting probiotics as added nutrient for the fowl.

The probiotics is an extract from kimchi and among the preferred meals in Korea.

The adviser of the USM Programme-Industry-Community: Participation In the direction of Result-Impact for the Excellent of Society, Prof Madya Dr Liong Min Tze claimed via studies conducted, USM found the usage of probiotics to replace prescription antibiotics provided chickens ended up better in efforts to create much healthier poultries.

He claimed inning accordance with the study, probiotics provided poultries in TerokaJaya Farm– an organic project laboratory– in Balik Pulau showed positive outcomes, especially in the poultry’s health.

“We understand that many farmers, in wanting to guarantee good chicken development, provide added supplements such as anti-biotics.

“Nevertheless, the supplements occasionally induce side-effects, which includes impacting the chickens’ health and wellness,” he claimed at an interview in George Community today.

Liong stated the study was likewise executed in collaboration with many industrial partners, specifically Probionic Corp from South Korea and also TerokaJaya Farm for making probiotics to seek a tougher subtitute for anti-biotics to be offered to chickens.

“Modifications in the wellness and growth of chickens can be seen in 42 days after being fed with probiotics, as well as it will act versus damaging microorganisms in the intestinal tracts and preserve healthiness.

“Most importantly, livestock performance can be enhanced as the probiotics can lowering animal fatality price,” he included.

On the other hand, ProBionic Corp creator Prof Dr Park Yong-Ha said the probiotics were produced from kimchi extract, as well as had many advantages.– Bernama, June 20, 2015.



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