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Probiotics For Kids, Helping Kids Deal With Crohn’s? Issue – # 106/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 04/14/2014

Probiotics For kids, do they help in dealing with Crohn’s

In a recent study by Harvard University researchers, it is reported that a particular bacteria has been indentified as causing Crohn’s disease, a form of inflammatory bowel disease. This is great news as then the goal will be how to target the bacteria with the most efficient treatments. We know that you can balance bad bacteria with a strong dose of good bacteria (probiotics), now there will be concentrated efforts to see which probiotics and other treatments will work the best.Here we share a summary of a story of a young boy who has been using a regimen of a liquid diet and probiotics to deal with Crohn’s, we found this story on chapelhillnews.com, an inspiring boy. We hope his story can help others who face similar circumstances:


Lukas Stone is a third grader at Durham Academy. He’s in Cub Scouts, practices the martial art ninjutsu, enjoys playing Legos with his good friends, and is a big brother to his little sister.

For the past year he has also been battling Crohn’s illness, an incurable autoimmune disease. He was diagnosed in November 2012, at the age of 8.

Lukas gets care at the UNC Pediatric Gastroenterology Clinic. Dr. Ajay Gulati, a pediatric gastroenterologist, has been studying Crohn’s illness and dealing with clients for the past 10 years.

Crohn’s illness causes inflammation of the digestive system and influences about 500,000 individuals in the United States, with a minimum of 5 percent of these clients being children.

“Because it can cause damage anywhere along the digestive tract, children are especially prone to issues with development ,” Gulati stated. “It’s also very tough for kids to handle signs like belly discomfort and diarrhea from a social perspective”.

“This shows exactly how incredible a patient Lukas is,” Gulati continued. “He has never ever let his disease slow him down, even while being on challenging therapies like a strict formula diet that permits no solid foods. He’s a role model for other children with Crohn’s disease.”.

Crohn’s illness is frequently treated with immunosuppressants to keep the immune system from attacking itself. Numerous patients also rely on feeding tubes to acquire nutrition. Part of Lukas’ journey over the past year has been his reliance on a liquid diet as a main form of treatment.

Julie Stone says the clinic recommended a liquid diet therapy for her boy. “He had a fever every day, crippling belly cramps, was tired, and was miserable. By the 2nd day of putting him on the liquid diet he was fine.”.

Stone likewise associates Lukas’s remission to other dietary modifications. “We likewise switched to a gluten-free diet and took him off of dairy products,” she stated. “We’ve tried to eliminate processed food and sugar.”.

Lukas began completing 8 weeks of the liquid diet. After including solid food back into his diet sent him from remission, he did another 8 weeks of the liquid diet. It was 4 months after this that a 12-week fluid diet plan was thought about to keep Lukas in remission longer.

It’s an option lots of kids would not have the ability to stick to, but Lukas sees it in a different way.

“I told them, ‘Let’s do this,'” he said.

Lukas takes nutritional alternative drinks instead of solid dishes three times a day. He likewise takes probiotics and vitamins daily, in addition to immunosuppressants once a week.

He recognizes exactly how essential it is for him to care for his body and reminds himself daily. He motivates himself to be healthy by working out, playing outside, maintaining his treatment, and remaining optimistic.

He has a certain enthusiasm for ninjutsu, a martial art that focuses on fight training along with preparation for handling psychological opposition dealt with in everyday life. He says one day he prepares to be a ninja. Bouncing around the room, he shows his plastic throwing stars and reveals his numerous colored belts, representing the positions he has actually passed.

He just recently finished from the blue belts and says he prepares to receive his black belt one day, a commitment he takes really seriously. “I wrote a letter guaranteeing to be a black belt one day, so I’m going to do it!” he said.



Always consult your own personal physician before decidning on a liquid or any other diet, if you or a family member are faced with Crohn’s and please make sure to pay attention to maintaining a healthy balance of good bacteria in your gut.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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