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Orthomolecular Nutrition, Nutrition As A Treatment? – Issue # 110/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Wednesday 05/14/2014


Orthomolecular Nutrition: Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

In this post I wanted to share an article that pretty much reinforces what we have been saying about the purpose of  Natural Multivitamins, which is to deal with and address nutrient deficiencies due to the poor eating habits of the modern westerner. Recently we have been dealing with some flawed studies out in the interwebs trying to paint all multivitamins as being ineffective in curing all manner of disease. The point is a poor diet, and more to the point, malnutrition, can lead to illness, so making sure to take in proper nutrition is massively important, not just eating for eating sake. Multivatimins are “supplements”, they are there to do just that, supplement your diet if you are not getting proper nutrition, therefore they can help prevent the onset or development of different illnesses attributed to malnutrition. Here is a summary of what the good folks from naturalnews.com had to say:

Orthomolecular Nutrition



A condition is not something you “catch,” as is popularly thought, however rather something you establish as a result of nutrition deficiency. This is the philosophy behind orthomolecular medication, or the application of high-dose nutrition in the prevention and treatment of illness, as well as the subject of an effective book entitled Putting It All Together: The New Orthomolecular Nutrition.

Composed by Dr. Abram Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D., and Morton Walker, D.P.M., Putting It All Together provides a huge idea into exactly how an absence of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, probiotics and many other nutrients is the basis behind practically every known physical and mental illness. And the only method to correct these issues, as explained by the book, is to provide the body with these nutrients in therapeutic dosages, which are normally far higher than official government nutritional referrals.

“The orthomolecular idea is a simple one, using optimum nutrition to combat, recover and prevent physical and mental illness,” checks out a summary of the book’s contents. “Orthomolecular nutrition is based on diet plans and food supplements of vital minerals and vitamins particularly selected to fix specific troubles and requirements. Its general aim is promoting ideal wellness and durability for everyone.”.

Orthomolecular nutrition in the avoidance of, and therapy of disease.

Dr. Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel Prize winner whose deal with high-dose vitamin C has actually assisted thousands to get rid of chronic conditions, was a huge advocate of orthomolecular medication. The papa of molecular biology, Dr. Pauling understood that nutrition is the primary consideration in disease development, and generally that a lack of vital nutrients results in disease. By taking in high dosages of bioavailable nutrients, sick individuals can attain real recovery at the molecular level.

Numerous mainstream physicians today are still in the dark about this reality, or are willfully ignorant of its validity. But it was perhaps even worse back in Dr. Pauling’s day, when the clinical profession and society at large were completely entrenched in the pharmaceutical method to dealing with illness– today, numerous more medical professionals and lay individuals have an understanding about the vital role that nutrition plays in keeping health.

Stop counting calories and start recognizing   nutrients.

“This book is based on the science and art of recovering with nutrition treatment,” wrote one Amazon.com reviewer of the book. “Yes, while it can be suggested that if you eat appropriately you do not need supplements. [The author] thinks that exactly what we put in our mouth is what creates our health or absence of, consisting of mental wellness.”.

Niacin, for example, which is also called vitamin B3, is highlighted in the book as being important for cholesterol regulation, thyroid hormone manufacturing and brain function. The other B vitamins, in addition to vitamins A, C and D, are also pointed out, as are calcium, magnesium and zinc, all of which make up the principles of orthomolecular nutrition.

“This book is one of the very best books on why you take advantage of Vitamin C, E, the B’s and niacin … that I have actually checked out,” composed another commenter. “I keep it on my desk, and refer to it frequently.”



The number one take away from this post should be that people should pay more attention to how many nutrients they are consuming with every meal rather than how many calories. The nutrients, fiber, minerals and probiotics are the things that will keep us healthy, and besides when you eat well your brain registers that it is satisfied, so you won’t overeat.

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