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Killing My Immune System By Harming My Gut Flora? – Issue # 169/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 06/29/2015

Killing Our Immune System By Harming Our Gut Micro-Flora

If you want to build your immune system and rid yourself of the symptoms that go with having an imbalanced gut microflora, take FruitsMax. If you are wondering how your current habits are killing off your good bacteria then read the following information from our friends at naturalnews.com :


Killing Good Microbes?

# 1. Flu shots as well as vaccines: Vaccines are “repeat culprits” when it involves taking in contaminants that damage immunity, particularly influenza tries that individuals get yearly. What simpler method to obliterate the body immune system than infusing embalming fluid, mercury and aluminum right into some muscle mass tissue, conjuring abnormal reactions of the hormones, central nerves as well as the brain? Injections often include genetically changed microorganisms, live viruses, chicken embryo and aborted fetal healthy proteins. Can you imagine just what that does to your excellent bacteria you requirement for digestion as well as resistance?

Greater than 290 million Americans get a “shot in the dark” every year. Bit do they recognize they can construct organic resistance as well as foster excellent gut plants and microbes with coconut oil, spirulina and also grew organic foods. They could take oil of oregano, garlic, cinnamon and also licorice root for structure immunity from colds, healths issues as well as the flu. View the “Spark the Reality” video of Dr. Wakefield explaining how vaccines mess up the gastrointestinal tract: YouTube.com.

# 2. Soda sugar obliterates intestine microbes: HFCS, or high-fructose corn syrup, in soda originates from GM corn which contains pesticides which damage your great gut flora, ruining resistance and making the body much more prone to catching colds, flu and contagious conditions. The level of acidity degree of soft drink is near that of battery acid– inducing renal condition and also lowering bone density. It ares been connected to kidney rocks.

# 3. Chemicals kill vegetation: Genetically customized meals contains chemical-based pesticides, which’s why Big Biotech does not desire GMO labels on anything in the UNITED STATE. Pesticides annihilate good gut microorganisms in secs, resulting in an overall immune-compromised physical body that regularly struggles to locate nutrients for survival, methodically losing the ability to eliminate off pathogens, parasites, hereditary mutant-versions of microorganisms from pests and also antibiotic-resistant superbugs common in US health centers. Chemicals are the archenemy or “kryptonite” of the body immune system.

# 4. Fluoride in traditional food and also the supply of water: Nobody wishes to admit that their federal government is evil. Too late. Faucet water contains something you NEVER intend to place in your body, which is salt fluoride and hydrofluorosilicic acid, a hazardous waste byproduct that is offered to America by China quite cheaply. This sort of fluoride is BAD for your teeth, yet it is good for creating cancer cells and breakable bones. Really want the weakest immune system of anyone you know? Consume just faucet water and view exactly what occurs.

# 5. Poisonous gluten: Conventional gluten, generally, is the sticky “glue-like” mass of wheat head which contains toxic food processing and preserving chemicals that no guy, female or kid should ever before consume. It could stay in the intestinal and also excretive tracts for days otherwise weeks, devastating flora as well as reproducing bad germs, causing autoimmune problem, a typical condition that millions of people can’t find out.



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