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Inflammation: How Does It Harm My Body? – Issue # 156/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 03/30/2015

Your Body And The Inflammatory Immune System

Much has been written lately discounting what were once thought to be scientific facts as to what caused much of our physical ailments where our diets were concerned. Such as not eating too many eggs because of the thought that they caused us to have elevated cholesterol or warnings against eating too much butter for example because of fat content. We now know that these food items are not the ill health culprit they once were thought to be. So what does cause a major damage to our health? Inflammation. Here is some information on inflammation from our friends at naturalnews.com :


In the midst of a dangerous world, the inflammatory immune system works to protect our vulnerable bodies, twenty-four hours per day. When the danger alarm goes off, the immune system secretes a protein cascade full of warrior cells, to drive the invaders away. It could be bacteria, virus, mold or yeast that starts this biological storm, but the immunity weapon system also responds to physical trauma, emotional threat, and blood sugar overload as well. Every day, thousands of sound modern human bodies are damaged by inflammation, which has been caused by stress overload and toxic sweetness.

Professor Timothy Denning, from Georgia State University, says:” Inflammation is a healthy and necessary function for healing, but this type of helpful inflammation is only temporary. When the infection or illness is gone, inflammation should go away as well.”.

An inflammatory process in motion tends to stay in motion. Chronic trouble begins when our immunity weapon system goes on to target the body.

Inflammation is now implicated in ulcers, cancers, heart disease, joint degeneration, and a host of other imbalances. Professor Denning explains: “Many of the body’s immune cells cluster around the intestines.”.

The great Dr. Li Dong Yuan observed hundreds of years ago that inflammation tended to originate and concentrate in the gut. He observed that the excessive protein cascade from the body’s own defensive system tended to concentrate in the central digestive tract. This then weakened spleen fire action, increased dampness, reduced blood production and circulation, and ultimately became the root of all imbalances.

Always Clear Inflammation.

Dr. Li observed that inflammation weakens spleen action and compromises fluid metabolism. Heat inflammation combines with stomach fluids to form damp heat. Damp heat leaches down into the body, creating the environment for a broad range of infections, which damage the mucous membranes of the digestive and eliminative tract.

Clearing inflammation from the digestive tract, therefore, is an essential strategy for health, well being, and longevity.

Two Steps to Clearing Inflammation.

Greatly Reduce Sweets.

Every brand new human body is a sugar addict waiting to happen. Spleen energies thrive on sweet flavors. The deeply nutritious sweetness of vegetables, fruits and herbs nurture the qi, not rapid burning concentrated sugars, which significantly feed inflammation. Concentrated sweets must be significantly reduced and eliminated. These sugars fuel the inflammatory fire.

Use Nature’s Safe and Powerful Anti-inflammatory Herbs.

Dr. Li developed powerful regenerative regimes, hundreds of years ago, which went to the root of this inflammatory imbalance, deep in the gut. The Central Qi was warmed and nurtured while powerful inflammation clearing herbs targeted the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. It was, in Dr. Li’s thinking, a way to do significant regenerative work at the root of all diseases.

Some Powerful Damp Heat Inflammation Clearing Herbs.

Golden Seal.
Patrinia, Barberry.
Some Powerful Spleen Protecting Herbs.


Traditional Botanical Medicine combines powerful inflammation clearing ingredients for the gut with mucilage nourishing herbs in the Clear Stomach formula, and Spleen Qi protectors in the Spleen Protector formula.


Author: Joe Vargas


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