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GMO Olive Oil

Hidden GMO’s In Everday Foods ? – Issue # 135/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 11/03/2014

Here Are 6 Of  The Common Foods That May Contain GMO’s


Just when you thought you heard it all, more news of GMO’s making it into your everyday diet pops up. I am afraid it is happening faster than we can keep track of it, so always read the labels for clues. The bad thing as you know is that GMO’s aren’t usually making it onto the lables. We are grateful to althealthworks.com for the information below about some common items that now include GMO’s, please be aware :

GMO Mustard Ketchup

The following list is comprised mostly of meal items people consume on a consistent basis, that appear as though there’s no demand for genetically engineered active ingredients (of course, today’s food business disagree, which is why it’s so crucial to stop buying their products and also to quit thinking their lies).

1. Mustard– Most major brand names of mustard include vinegar, which a lot of individuals would certainly be amazed to discover consists of GMOs.

That’s due to the fact that vinegar is frequently made from corn, as well as while it’s identified “natural” when sold individually, that doesn’t indicate it holds true.

In fact, the Heinz firm was recently sued over untrue “natural” cases considering that it is likely utilizing GM corn.

If you would like to avoid GMOs in your mustard, seek a natural brand at the health food store (and utilize those promos) or make your very own.

2. Mixed Nuts– It might not make much feeling from a rational perspective, yet several brands of blended nuts however consist of points like soy oil, corn-based additives and a lot more.

When getting nuts in bulk or from the organic food store you’ll discover these needless additives are lacking, but they’re present in numerous of the major brands such as Planters. Keep a close eye on those ingredients lists and also write the firms if you locate something you do not such as.

3. Catsup– An additional product stealthily offered as organic in many cases, Heinz’s “natural” ketchup eliminates the high fructose corn syrup, which is an and also, but includes back in “sweets.”.

Taking into consideration that the substantial majority of all sugar beets in the united state are genetically customized to endure large Roundup sprayings there’s a likelihood this “natural catsup” has GMOs.

Other brand names of ketchup use GM sweeteners such as these as well, so think about making your own from your added yard tomatoes, or acquiring organic.

4. Olive Oil– Among the healthiest oils on the market as long as you do not use it to cook at high temperatures, olive oil is a staple of a healthy Mediterranean style diet.

It can also help shield your body against a particularly unpleasant type of harm done by GMOs baseding on one recent research study.

Olives themselves are not genetically changed, yet below’s the tricky part: most olive oils in the united state specifically are adulterated with less-than-healthy GM oils like soy and also canola.

If you’re purchasing olive oil as well as would like to prevent GMOs, buy imported from places like Italy (where you could really go to prison for multiple years for planting them) or Tunisia.

If getting U.S. olive oil, try to find ONE HUNDRED % natural and also study the business to be sure they do not add GM “scrap oils” to the mix.

5. Granola Bars– Just like a lot of food products as a whole it’s a lot better to make your very own in this case, or purchase from a trustworthy organic company such as Nature’s Path.

Stay much, far away from “conventional” granola bars, specifically Nature Valley which even with its advertising existence really contains elements that are probably genetically engineered.

6. Soda with “Genuine Sugar”– An additional creative marketing ploy, using “real sugar” in Pepsi drinks almost certainly consists of GM beet sugar, as do other comparable sodas that have changed back to sweets.

One consumer emailed Pepsi during their rollout of the “natural” Sierra Mist to determine if they were making use of non-GM sugar and also obtained a vague letter stating that they could possibly not verify whether it was non-GMO or not.

Once again, considering the sheer data of the situation, it’s a safe bet that “real sugar” equals genetically modified sweets.

Welcome to the 21st century, people, where “genuine sugars” originates from sugar beets that have been gene mated in a laboratory to endure substantial dosages of cancer causing pesticides.

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