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Have You Seen The Forty Fruit Tree? – Issue # 121/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 07/28/2014


Super Tree: 40 Different Fruit From One Tree

I saw this article about these amazing trees that were being produced by a man, and was so relieved to see that it had nothing to do with GMO,  but still had to do with science. The great thing is that the process is still a natural one that has some awesome results. Please read about these wonderful creations from this summary from the article in dailymail.co.uk :


40 Fruit Tree
Unbelievable ‘magical’ trees that birth 40 different assortments of fruit have been popping up all over United States. These trees – which could at the same time produce different varieties of peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries– look regular throughout most of the year.
However in springtime, they flower into a sensational jumble of colors, with each plant including its very own special option of rock fruit.

They are the work of Syracuse College sculptor and artist Sam Van Aken which created the plants in an attempt to make people reexamine just how food can be created.

The job began in 2008 when Mr Van Aken uncovered that a New York state orchard, which held assortments of stone fruit 200-years-old, was to be abandoned.
In hopes of waiting, the artist got the orchard, and soon after begun try out something called as ‘chip grafting.’.

These plants look average throughout most of the year. However in springtime, they grow into a spectacular jumble of colors, with each tree including its own distinct choice of stone fruit.

The procedure involves taking a sliver off a tree, consisting of the bud, and inserting that into a cut in the working plant. The foreign tree part is then taped and left to recover over the winter season. Mr Van Aken clarified that the majority of stone-fruits are easily suitable.

Just what he created is ‘The Tree of 40 Fruit’, which is in reality, not one plant, however a series of hybridised fruit plants. So far, Mr Van Aken has actually made and put 16 trees in museums, neighborhood centres and private art collections around the U.S. In springtime, the plants bloom in tones of pink, crimson and white, and in summertime, they bear a range of rock fruit, as shown in Mr Van Aken’s CGI photo. ‘I have actually been mentioned to by folks that have [a tree] at their house that it supplies the best amount and perfect selection of fruit,’ Mr Van Aken said to Lauren Salkeld at Epicurious.

‘So instead of having one selection that produces more than you know what to do with, it supplies excellent quantities of each of the 40 selections. ‘Since all of these fruit advance at various times, from July via October, you additionally aren’t deluged,’ he claimed. Mr Van Aken’s trees can be viewed in cities throughout the U.S., consisting of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Short Hillsides, New Jersey; Louisville, Kentucky and Pound Ridge, New york city.

Until now, Mr Van Aken has actually created and placed 16 trees in museums, area centres and private fine art collections around The united state.

While they look common in the above images, in spring season, the trees bloom in tones of pink, crimson and white, and in summer season bear an array of rock fruit. Mr Van Aken’s trees can be seen in cities throughout the U. S, including Santa Fe, New Mexico; Short Hills, New Jersey; Louisville, Kentucky and Pound Ridge, The big apple.

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