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GMO Bananas? Thanks Bill…- Issue # 119/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 07/14/2014


GMO Bananas: Do we really have to keep fooling with mother nature?


I think I will go literally bananas if this continues! I’m talking about humans fooling with nature. When will we learn it is nature that knows best? This has got to stop, but nooo, now evidently we have people who think they can make better fruit than mother nature, so coming soon to a store near you will be some sort of “Frankenbanana” invented by some scientist in his lab of horrors. The mutant banana, that’s all we need. It isn’t necessary to add other vitamins to bananas when we can access them through other natural sources! If you would like to read more about this, below is what naturalnews reported on the subject:

gmo banana


What does the development of genetically changed bananas concern the world’s wealthiest guy, creator of Microsoft Corp. Expense Gates? Every little thing.

As noted by CNet Information, James Dale, the supervisor for the Facility for Tropical Crops and Biocommodities at Queensland College of Technology in Australia, states he’s committed a number of years to the development of a better banana (exactly what is presently wrong with the kind that increase naturally? We haven’t a clue, yet there it is).

Dale states he’s been working on creating a pro-vitamin A-enriched banana considering that 2005. “Good science can make a massive distinction below by enhancing staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and supplying poor and subsistence-farming populaces with nutritionally gratifying meals,” he claimed in a statement.

‘We know our science will work’ – renowned last words

And now, many thanks to virtually $10 million in financing from the Expense and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dale is close to attaining his goal. As mentioned by CNet:.

There is a large visual hint these bananas are various. They look the exact same outside, but the physical nature is more orange compared to dull as a result of high vitamin A. Unlike the bananas we are used to in america, these plantains are constantly prepared just before being eaten. The banana is a typical staple food, yet it’s doing not have in micronutrients like vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiencies have been associateded with weakened body immune systems and blindness.

“We understand our science will work. We made all the constructs, the genetics that went into bananas, and placed them into bananas below at QUT. Hundreds of different permutations went into area tests up north and we examined everything to make sure our science worked below in Queensland,” Dale stated.

The record kept in mind that before human consumption the bananas were securely consumed by Mongolian gerbils (uncertain exactly what the connection is to human beings however we’re going with it). The strain of bananas destined for human usage were expanded in Queensland and have actually considering that been shipped to the Usa. A six-week trial is set up and the outcomes will be mentioned by the end of the year.

Dale says he hopes that Ugandan farmers will certainly be expanding the new GMO bananas by 2020.

Gates Structure has a history of GMO assistance.

On his foundation’s blog, Gates heralded the research and seemed a hopeful tone for the result:.

Before our visit, I didn’t understand much about bananas. Dale, a farming scientist, is one of the globe’s prominent specialists. He has actually been profiled in The New Yorker, in an interesting post about the past of bananas as an export crop. As the post describes, a blight has spread among ranches in Asia and Australia in the last few years, severely damaging production of the one kind of banana that is increased for export, the Cavendish. This disease, a fungi, hasn’t infected Latin America yet, yet if it does, bananas could acquire a lot scarcer and much more pricey in North America and in other places. Dale is working to create new models of the Cavendish that resist the fungi. He does this by inserting hereditary material from various other microorganisms into banana plants.

This work is separate from the research that our foundation sustains, although a few of the exact same techniques and clinical principles are entailed, consisting of transgenic experiments. Making banana plants less at risk to illness is a secondary goal for us. Our primary target is to assist Dale establish brand-new kinds of banana that are much more nourishing – especially, much richer in Vitamin A and Iron that the physical body could absorb.

If, somehow, bananas are eradicated from the planet, various other non-GMO sources of vitamin A consist of broccoli, carrots, apricots and pleasant potatoes.

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