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Fermented Foods: Healthy Gut For The Holidays? – Issue # 190/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 11/23/2015

Fermented (Probiotic) Foods For The Holidays?

Now that the holidays are upon us and we will certainly partake of a plethora of yummy holiday meals, we might want to include some non-traditional foods that will help with our tummy’s health. Here is a short list of such food taken from mnn.com that provide a natural source of those healthy bacteria (probiotics) that are so good in helping us have a healthy digestive tract and help us keep a healthy balance of good bacteria working in our system’s during the feasting days:


Just what should we add to our diet plans to keep our digestive tracts healthy? There are a variety of fermented foods (dairy products as well as non-dairy) that provide probiotics in addition to prebiotics. Allow’s begin with the leading probiotic foods:

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese beverage constructed from sweetened tea that’s been fermented making use of a colony of microorganisms and also yeast. It’s said to assist prevent arthritis and other conditions.
Kefir is a dairy-based yogurt-like beverage that has its origins in the hilly Caucasus area of Russia. Millennia back, pastoralists found the procedure of fermentation and also the technique spread commonly throughout the Mediterranean as a way to preserve grapes and also milk items beyond the expanding period.
Sauerkraut is a finely diced sour cabbage dish that has actually been fermented by a wide range of bacteria.
Kimchi is a Korean meal that’s a spicy, marinaded or fermented blend of cabbage, red onions and also often fish. It can be skilled with garlic, horseradish, red peppers as well as ginger.
Miso soup came from Japan as well as is typically made from fermented soybeans. It could contain up to 160 germs pressures.
Kvass is a typical Eastern European fermented refreshment that’s used black or routine rye bread. It’s commonly seasoned with strawberries or mint.
Tempeh is made by fermenting prepared soybeans with a mold. It has the tendency to insist and chewy and has a slightly earthy preference.
Aged cheeses are usually cheeses that have actually been treated for longer compared to six months. These cheeses have the tendency to have a full, sharper flavor.
These foods often be much more preferred outside the Usa, however the pattern has actually caught on in a big way, claims Madeline Provided, an accredited alternative nutritionist in Santa Barbara, California.

“You can also add cultured dairy, such as creme fraiche and even raw as well as cultured sour creams as well as butters,” Given states. “All are a terrific resource of this good microorganisms.”


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