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Eating Healthy But Not Getting Healthier? Here’s Why – Issue #134/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 10/27/2014


The Importance Of  Gut Flora And Nutrient Absorption


It can not be overstated, the importance of a healthy and properly functioning digestive system . Seriously. You see, you can eat all the nutrient rich foods you can get your hands on, but if your body isn’t properly absorbing all that healthy goodness then it may be all an empty exercise. Please read on as we share some great information on this very important subject we came across on naturalnews.com :

Gut Flora


When deciding to lastly end up being healthy, one of the first things we evaluate and also alter is the meals we put in our mouth. After all, nourishment is the energy our body works on and also to obtain premium outcomes we require the best fuel, right? Turns out that is simply partly true, as many individuals are finding out that all the excellent meals they are now eating after decades of digestion misuse isn’t really equating into the health they thought of. There’s a flawlessly reputable reason, and also your understanding and also resolution of it could take your health to the next level.

The nutrient profile of meals doesn’t necessarily mean the equivalent of nutrient absorption

A typical blunder individuals make with food is the assumption that the nutrient profile is exactly what will be assimilated inside the physical body, when this is rarely the instance. There are a number of factors for this lack of nutrient absorption, consisting of:

– Intestine plants discrepancy
– Enzyme deficiency
– Magnesium mineral deficiency
– Stress
– Bloodsuckers
– Incorrectly ready or consolidated foods
– Poor eating
– Reduced stomach acid
– Impaired pancreatic feature
– Poorly functioning liver
– Difficult to digest meals (ie. wheat, soy, dairy).

If you experience any sort of one of these problems you will continually be purging nutrients meant for your physical body down the toilet, or worse, the undigested meals fragments will certainly be left in your colon and also left poisonous, which could eventually be taken in back right into your blood stream. So instead of obtaining much required nutrients, you essentially get infected because of bad assimilation.

Sadly, most people encounter a minimum of 2 or 3 of these issues, as well as for others, all of them. This is mostly a result of a toxic meals system that creates consumers for the pharmaceutical sector, which then systematically damages their intestinal system and supporting organs, to the point that the intestinal tract system produces an unhealthy gut biofilm that produces the complying with problems:

– Prevents full absorption of nutrients across the digestive wall.
– Secures disease causing bacteria from the immune system.
– Shields illness triggering microorganisms from anti-biotics and antifungals (both natural as well as pharmaceutical).
– Promotes inflammation.
– Residences toxins like heavy metals.

The protection this biofilm supplies makes it very hard to solve different infections, which further promotes gut vegetation imbalance, which in turn creates a cascading impact that leads to disorder for other organs, glands, and also systems that have an evident result on food digestion as well as assimilation.

So till you balance your inner ecology, complete nutrient absorption is a wishful thinking.

Break through unhealthy biofilm and recover your digestive tract flora.

So even though you have actually started consuming healthy and balanced, you could be missing out on particular key components every day that can break through that harmful biofilm which causes a better absorption of the wonderful nutrients contained in the healthy and balanced foods you consume on a consistent basis.

To break apart the biofilm matrix, consider some of these natural methods which have actually been revealed to be efficient:.

– Proteolytic enzymes (protease, papain, pepsidase FP) – taken away from meals.
– Clove (Syzygium aromaticum).
– False black pepper (Embelia ribes).
– Apple cider vinegar.

Along with this, take in only whole as well as nutrient dense meals, and a diet plan abundant in useful bacteria like fermented foods and probiotic drinks. This will certainly aid to develop an appropriate bacterial balance, which will certainly go a long ways to much better nutrient absorption.

The very first as well as crucial thing almost everybody can do for their health is stabilize their intestinal flora


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