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Does Positive Thinking Really Relieve Stress? – Issue # 178/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 08/31/2015

How Positive Thinking Minimizes Tension

You have actually listened that positive thinking could have such a surprisingly powerful effect on your life. But maybe you are not buying into all that “good ideas” power. You require proof. So, exactly how does positive thinking minimize tension? What really occurs inside your physical body when you adopt a positive rather than poor method of thinking?


The Mayo Center reports that making use of positive thinking as a tension management device can cause the adhering to benefits:

You live much longer
Instances of depression and anxiety are reduced
Your natural defense heating and cooling unit is boosted
You do not capture as lots of colds (seriously).
You establish exceptional problem management abilities.
A lower risk of heart disease and heart relevant death.

For some it is hard to think those advantages could happen merely by having a positive attitude. And also truthfully, it is not truly the positive mindset per se which provides those perks. It’s truth and also straightforward assumption of truth that positive thinkers delight in which reduces anxiety then results in those many perks.

For instance, people with a favorable attitude a lot of the time tend to see the world as it is. They use no poor filters or preconceived beliefs about presence. They comprehend the concept of mindfulness meditation – to focus on and also reside in the moment.

When you check out the globe as a “now” experience, no pointless future-guessing and previous poor experiences could affect your state of mind and activities. Science has actually even revealed that favorable thinkers see even more possibilities in their lives.

When you think there are infinite alternatives as well as probabilities and you consider the globe via no adverse filters, you are calm as well as tranquil, also despite tight spots. Worrying over what could happen is one of the most significant worries of the adverse thinker. This never ever accompanies an individual that cultivates favorable beliefs.

They do not waste time producing possible “what if” situations. Rather, they see only today moment with very clear vision, and after that they decide on a course of action which supplies a favorable outcome.

Physiologically, the process is quite simple.

When your ancient ancestors experienced stress, it was often a life or death situation. What we call today the “fight or air travel” response informs your mind that you are in a super stressful scenario. However this still happens today, also when what you view as stress has a limited or missing influence on your life.

Yet your physical body still releases bodily hormones as well as chemicals that quicken your rhythm, quicken your heart price and also make you see nearly every little thing as a feasible risk. When you see the globe as it is, you see that most points today are nonthreatening. Positive thinkers see the world with a quite clear focus, so their bodies normally produce much less difficult circumstances. This results in fewer heart problems, less tension, anxiety and also anxious troubles, and also a healthier, much longer life.


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