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Emotional Overeating

Nutritional Treatments for Emotional Overeating?- Issue # 111/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 05/19/2014

Treat Emotional Overeating With A Specific Nutritional Regimen   


Psychological overeating is an issue that afflicts numerous people all over the world. Food can have medicine like impacts, particularly sugar, which is known to stimulate brain receptors and trigger a genuine high that many are addicted to. Food makes some feel much better, and unfortunately this can lead to a life long struggle with weight management.

Emotional Overeating

It may appear paradoxical to turn to nutritional treatments for emotional overeating – after all, isn’t the issue too much eating? Why would you wish to take a look at even more foods you have to consume? But more and more experts are seeing the connection in between nutrition and psychological overeating.

The truth is, when you eat way too much in feedback to feelings, you could not be eating the healthiest foods. You become full – even ill – on processed food, and there’s no space left for the good things. It’s usual knowledge that you do require the right nutrients to be healthy, and if those foods are not being consumed, then it’s more a matter of quality than quantity.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Another aspect of psychological overeating could be dietary deficiencies – and the deficiencies may prompt cravings. The theory is that the body yearns for certain foods in feedback to a need – when it come to psychological overindulging, the need is emotional however it might likewise be physical. For example, a yearning for ice cream might symbolize your body’s requirement for calcium.

Here are some vitamins and minerals that, according to study, are linked in the management of psychological overindulging.

Vitamin D

This vitamin’s effect on mood is well-documented, and are indeed suggested for individuals who experience certain depressive conditions, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Foods high in Vitamin D include:
Cod liver oil.
Sockeye salmon.
Soymilk (fortified with Vitamin D).
Cow’s milk.

Keep this in mind, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so sources with healthy fats, such as fish, may be soaked up better by the body.

B-complex Vitamins

These important vitamins help increase energy levels and handle water retention.

Foods with B vitamins consist of:
Lean beef (B12).
Dark leafy greens (kale, broccoli, spinach).

Magnesium and Calcium

This is an effective pair – many supplements put them together in one tablet or pill. These minerals are important for handling muscle and nerve stress. Remarkably, when these minerals occur normally in foods, there is typically a greater proportion of magnesium to calcium, whereas supplements generally have more calcium than magnesium.

Foods consist of:
Nuts, specifically peanuts, hazelnuts, and pecans.


Zinc has actually been revealed to have a profound result on cravings, and many people with eating disorders lack this mineral.

Zinc is found in the following foods:
Shellfish, particularly oysters and crab.
Beef, particularly beef shanks.
Garbanzo beans.



Making purposeful, conscious choices about what you do consume can go a long way toward handling psychological overindulging. Plan your dishes and make a shopping list, and be proactive about satisfying your dietary requirements. Another thing to do is to make sure you have proper gut health, that is to say that your “microbiota” is balanced with good bacteria so you have healthy digestion and proper nutritional absorption rates. You can achieve this by fortifying your diet with probiotic rich foods and/or supplementation.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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