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Cherries A Super-Food ?- Issue # 120/2

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 07/21/2014

Cherries: We Love Them And They Are Super For Your Health

I think all fruits are so called super foods because each have their own amazing health benefits. They are packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Each of course in differeing degrees but all very good for your health and of course all working in concert with each other to deliver the best health benefits nature intends us to enjoy. Not the way synthetic multivitamins work, with high concentrations of synthetic vitamins minus all the other pieces of the puzzle. We should really let nature do it’s work, it does it best after all. Here is some great information on how Cherries stack up as a super food from kcrg.com:


Cherries are a tasty and nutritious means for your customers to take pleasure in healthy eating. Wonderful cherries are among the leading 20 foods with the highest concentration of antioxidants, making them a super-food for health. Christy Frese, among your Edgewood Rd. Hy-Vee Registered Dietitians, will teach your audience on the various wellness perks of cherries varying from use as an all-natural rest aid to healthy and balanced brain feature. Christy will likewise outline right cherries can be a “super” part of a healthy and balanced way of living.

Why are Cherries a Super-food?

A super-food is defined as one with incredibly high concentrations of specifically useful nutrients called phytonutrients. Phytonutrients feature by shielding our physical bodies from certain diseases and chronic health problems. A super-food is additionally generally low in calories (cherries flaunt simply 90 calories in 1 cup), making it a meals that ideally could be consumed consistently to get the nutritional benefits. Cherries are abundant in anti-oxidants, fiber (3 g in a 1 cup offering), Vitamin C, potassium (260 mg), iron and boron. They are additionally naturally body fat, cholesterol levels and sodium free.

Although there is an estimated 1000+ ranges of cherries grown in the Usa, among the favorites is the Rainier cherry. Known for its golden yellow color accented with a rose blusher on the skin, the Rainier is usually called the “Queen of Cherries”. The Rainier is the largest and sweetest of the cherries. The preference is thought about delicate and the flesh is distinguisheded by a firm, however really juicy bite. Rainier cherries are most effectively when they are relished and eaten fresh from the hand.

Other preferred kinds of cherries include the Bing cherry which features an intense red, even mahogany colored skin and flesh. Bing cherries provide a crisp, juicy bite, perfect for snacking. The Lambert is a heart-shaped cherry, smaller sized than the Bing in dimension, however similarly juicy and flavorful. Van cherries are gathered most current in the period and like the Bing cherry, they have a deep red colour and extremely sweet preference.

Besides sampling excellent and supplying an abundance of nutrients, sweet cherries have been made use of over the centuries for their medical purposes also. Scientists have confirmed a relate to consuming wonderful cherries and a reduction in pain and swelling from gout and joint inflammations because of all-natural analgesic homes. Cherries also have melatonin which offers to manage our rest patterns, reducing insomnia. It’s proposed that eating pleasant cherries will certainly also assist rehabilitation from jet lag!

Great taste plus and an abundance of health perks? Cherries really are a super-food for every single age.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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