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Can I Really Get Addicted To Exercise ? – Issue # 183/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 10/05/2015

Is Workout Addiction Real?

We have actually all seen individuals that are relatively consumed with workout, diets, as well as physical fitness routines, as well as sometimes we could wonder if they more than doing it a little.
Does this mean they have an obsession to exercise?


Is such a thing actual? While it could not be an officially categorized mental illness, it shares many resemblances to various other behavior dependencies, and also can have damaging repercussions. Although there is no solitary definition of exercise obsession, it is normally concurred that it makes up withdrawal, a buzz when working out, impairs typical operating, and can affect connections; this is much the same as with other addicting actions.
Research study is proceeding into exercise dependency, or excessive addiction as it or else understood, so it is most likely to be far better comprehended in the future.

What It Resembles

– Similar to any other dependency, one of the primary qualities of exercise obsession is a compulsion, or a requirement, to engage in the habits on a quite frequent basis.
– This might consist of over working out a number of times a day or week, triggering bodily injury to oneself with too much workout and also putting exercise before other vital things in life.
– When not working out, there is likely to be a drawback, which only energies the need to exercise much more.
– Someone with an exercise obsession is additionally likely to stay clear of other normal facets of everyday life, for concern of not exercising sufficient that day.
– They may do not have motivation or passion in social activities that are not based around workout, and find they pull back inwards, away from their social media networks.
– Regardless of possibly creating injury to themselves, a person with an exercise dependency will continue regardless of what. Even if they are harmed and must be relaxing, they will greater than most likely engage in some form of exercise. The dependency as well as should do some kind of exercise will certainly be more than the influence of the injury.

Obtaining Assistance

There is no formal therapy plan for exercise obsession; this could be developed as research into this location proceeds. However, there are a variety of treatments for various other obsessions that can be applied in this situation.
Initially, the addict needs to understand and also allow they have a trouble. Without this vital initial step, any type of succeeding treatment is not likely to work. If there are any injuries or health problems, whether associated to the workout or not, these need to be taken into consideration and treated as a top priority. Next, the individual needs to begin the lengthy road of transforming their ideas and habits around workout.
The ultimate aim is to get them to a place where they can take part in workout a healthy quantity, yet still completely take part in day-to-day life. This might take a long time, as the origin of the addiction should be revealed; if the addiction has actually existed for a long time, this could be extremely difficult to do, despite having the support of an expert.
One of the obstacles to this kind of compulsion versus say medications or liquor is that in the later instances the abuser must refrain totally develop utilizing, yet with workout, the individual can and need to get back to exercise however find out balance and restraint.
If the person has reduced self-worth, this will certainly need to be developed in other methods, so they have the ability to obtain the very same result with another mechanism, not excessive workout. The individual’s family members, pals, as well as support network need to likewise be included, as the addiction will certainly have influenced them. They are also the people who will certainly have the ability to give the greatest level of support to the person, and also ideally create a modification in them.


Workout obsession is a really actual obsession, and must be treated like other behavioral addiction as it shares the exact same attributes and treatment alternatives. Thankfully, the prognosis is positive once the individual has allowed the addiction as well as prepares to collaborate with others to bring about change.


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