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Can I Lower My Stress Levels? – Issue # 170/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 07/06/2015

How You Can Keep Your Tension Levels In Check

Why is it so important to de-stress your life? Since constant tension and anxiety, when unattended, could lead to …

… a weak immune system
… heart troubles
… acid reflux, heartburn
… hypertension
… migraine headaches, migraines and also backaches
… persistent fatigue
… diabetic issues

The trick is in keeping your cortisol levels in check. Cortisol, better referred to as the “anxiety hormonal agent”, can wreak havoc on several of your bodily features. Strict target dates, insane timetables, a hectic culture and insufficient hours every day to complete just what you require– all these problems can bring about regular occurrences of stress.


The Best Ways to Keep Your Cortisol Level in Check

Cortisol degrees increasing in your body 1 of 2 ways. When your people activates a “battle or air travel” reaction to something that is taking place in your life, cortisol is created. When your cortisol levels are high, your cardiovascular as well as breathing wellness begins to decline right away. As you can view from the list above, a number of bodily functions can be affected in a negative way.

Cortisol is likewise naturally present in higher levels in specific foods. So whether you are anxiety comes from an outdoors source, or you achieve too much cortisol in the meals you eat, you could become distressed and stressed-out. Cut down on those foods which are known to provide high levels of cortisol, and you cut back on your stressed-out episodes.

Below’s ways to keep your cortisol levels where they should be. Reduce on chewing tobacco and smoking cigarettes. Limitation your high levels of caffeine intake. This implies less coffees, sodas and also energy drinks, especially those which are packed with sugar.

Reduce on the number of starchy carbs in your weight loss plan. This indicates eating fewer foods like potatoes, french fries, bread, potato chips and pizza. Exercise frequently, get lots of remainder and keep hydrated. Keep in mind that during workout, cortisol does surge normally, so when you are through exercising, appreciate some “healing based” exercisings such as yoga exercise or Pilates, or simply take a relaxing stroll.

You could additionally exercise mindfulness reflection and visualization to manage your anxiety degrees. Inform yourself that when you view a demanding scenario emerging, you will react to it in a tranquil fashion. Envision yourself unwinded and also relaxed, realizing the difficult occasion, however not offering into it. For the very best possibility of maintaining tension in check, integrate numerous of the effective stress-relief ideas detailed above for a tranquility, low-anxiety reaction to life’s stresses and also stress.



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