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Are We Eating Mummified Food? – Issue # 148/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 02/02/2015

If The “Food” We Eat Doesn’t Go “Bad” Is It Good?

If you are into eating a “clean” or “raw” diet you know that real food has a shelf life, it will go bad if left out for too long. If your diet consists of a lot of fast food, you may want to read this information from our friends at naturalnews.com:

fast food

For 2 years, a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries, along with a Taco Bell soft covering poultry taco, have sat on screen, unwrapped as well as leftover. That’s not the huge offer. The eye-opening surprise is that 24 months later, they still look as fresh-from-the-kitchen as they did the day they were offered. Additional troubling, bugs won’t even go near the prepackaged food.

Wayne State University Assistant teacher of food science Yafan Zhang says that the capability for this meals to look the same today as it did two years ago is due to a not-so-surprising truth: they’re laden with preservatives.

A lot of health-conscious individuals are aware that fresh, high quality food will certainly show signs of spoiling within a specific period. Lettuce wilts; apples brownish as well as soften; cucumbers could end up being musty. Foods laden with chemicals, on the other hand, are designed to last dramatically longer as well as withstand the start of spoilage. It’s why the junk foods discussed over, which were placed on screen at Michigan’s Vaughn Chiropractic care to highlight the relevance of choosing healthier foods over junk foods, haven’t altered in appearance.

“It’s basically mummified,” says health professional of displayed prepackaged food.

“There’s no smell from it, it’s basically mummified,” said Vaughn Chiropractic care’s Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn. “You could pick it up, turn it over as well as still view celebrity and pickle in the burger. Even in the summertime when we acquire ants, the pests will not go near it.”

Meals chemicals such as calcium propionate and also sodium propionate are made use of that can help baked great from growing mold as well as catching putridity. Buns, pies, cakes, pizza and pastries normally utilize such chemicals, which can ruin the physical body.

Processed food that do not spoil not uncommon.

The Michigan health and wellness workplace isn’t the first place to clarify the shocking service life of junk foods.

A couple of years back, a Utah man by the name of David Whipple made headlines when he found a neglected McDonald’s hamburger in his coat pocket that had actually existed given that 1999. Referred to as the “world’s oldest hamburger,” it scarcely revealed signs of modification in appearance from its investment over DECADE ago.

The suggestion of utilizing such visuals to display unhealthy foods appears to develop an impactful message to the public. Many health and wellness organizations, schools as well as other organizations have been understood to present popular soft drinks as well as juices, their sugar web content conveyed by filling a nearby container with the compound to show just how much is actually in every bottle.

Ideally, these tales will certainly make even more folks reconsider consuming from fast-food chains as well as be much more harmonic to tags to ensure that they prevent the similarity nitrates, calcium propionate, carrageenan and also fine-tuned sugars.

Author: Joe Vargas


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