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Anti-aging Tips To Help You See Your 100th Birthday?- Issue # 161/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 05/04/2015

 3 Tips For Anti-aging

As people start to pay more and more attention to their health and longevity these days, it is a pleasure to share information we find around the web on the subject. Here are some long life tips we can take advantage of we found at newsmax.com, you might enjoy reading this with a cup of coffee :


Anti-aging enterprises amount to a multi-billion industry in the united state, as well as include everything from medicines as well as supplements to lifestyle modifications. But a 50-year Swedish study of centenarians has identified 3 easy strategies that substantially increase the odds of living to ONE HUNDRED:

Do not smoke.
Maintain your cholesterol degrees low.
Drink coffee– yet no more than 4 cups a day.

Those suggestions are the vital searchings for from five years of study by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University Gothenburg involving 855 guys born in 1913– 10 of which lived to ONE HUNDRED.

Different surveys at 54, 60, 65, 75, 80, and also ONE HUNDRED allowed the scientists to recognize the factors that appear to advertise longevity. Of the original ONE HUNDRED, 27 percent lived to celebrate their 80th birthday parties, 13 percent lived to 90, and 1.1 percent (10 men) made it to 100.

Amongst the findings:

Concerning 42 percent of fatalities after 80 was because of cardiovascular disease.
Approximately 26 percent were caused by transmittable conditions, consisting of pneumonia (6 percent).
Another 8 percent resulted from stoke as well as cancer cells.
Around 16 percent was because of to other sources.
A total amount of 23 percent of the over-80 group were detected with some sort of dementia.

“The special style has allowed us to recognize the aspects that affect survival after 50,” states Lars Wilhelmsen, that has actually been involved in the research study initially.

“Our recommendation for people which aspire to centenarianism is to refrain from smoking, keep healthy and balanced cholesterol levels, as well as constrain themselves to four mugs of coffee a day.”

Other small elements that could add to longevity: owning a house at age 50 or paying greater rental fee (indicating excellent socio-economic status), fairly great physical fitness (determined by a bicycle examination) at age 54, having a mother who lived for a long period of time (recommending genetic aspects at the office).

Various other attributes of the 100-year-olds:

None smoked.
All used listening devices, had good temporal and also spatial cognition, were slim, had great pose, and made use of walkers.
Most used glasses, and also had the ability to read and also enjoy TV.
Two lived at home as well as five in assisted living facilities.
Two established dementia.

“Usually we carried out the questionnaires at hospitals, but we went to the … centenarians in your home,” Wilhelmsen claimed. “Every one of them were clinically healthy, satisfied with their scenarios as well as delighted to be living where they were.”



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