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Annals of Internal Medicine, Multivitamins Good For You! – Issue # 114/3

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 06/09/2014


Annals of Internal Medicine Now Admits Multivitamins Good For You

I have to say I am really happy that the Annals of Internal Medicine have come to their senses after stirring up this big controversy recently about multivitamins not being good for you. We even had to make a video response to their previous published so called “study”. In a stunning reversal and admission, that oops, we were wrong moment, they have published a follow up paper you can read below, but it is really unfortunate that they had to confuse the public that way. Even a multitude of mainstream media had jumped on the bandwagon denouncing vitamins. I won’t hold my breath about them correcting the record though, but we will continue being one of the few that tried to steer people in the right direction, see below for detail from Natural Product Insider  and to watch our video rebuttal of the original study click – here.   



A letter was published in the Annals of Internal Healthcare that argues daily multivitamin supplements is a safe and reliable means to fortify the diet plans of individuals to attain the suggested intake of important trace elements (Ann Trainee Medication. 2014:160(11):807). The letter was filled in reaction to an editorial posted in the very same diary that declared there is little to no proof to assist using minerals and vitamin supplements by a majority of the UNITED STATE populace (Ann Intern Med. 2013; 159:850 -1).

The reaction was prepared by a team of experts led by Balz Frei, Ph.D., from the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State College. Dr. Frei specified, “It is largely accepted that a well-thought-out diet is the most effective way for a specific to obtain the majority of necessary nutrients, yet just a tiny percentage of individuals in the United States actually comply with the Dietary Standards for Americans. Therefore, most of the US populace does not comply with the Institute of Medication’s suggestions for the dietary intake of all vitamins and necessary minerals. Taking a daily multivitamin pill and mineral supplement created at roughly the Daily Worth is a reliable and low cost means to load dietary spaces in individuals, and long-term usage is not associated with any kind of adverse health impacts.”.

The letter mentioned findings from other research studies to show that the majority of adults in the United states do not get the approximated average demand of vital micronutrients, including vitamins A, D, E andK, magnesium mineral, calcium and potassium from their diet regimen (J Nutr. 2011; 141:1847 -54). The writers additionally highlight the part that multivitamin pill and mineral supplements might play in assisting to minimize the threat of persistent disease, pointing out the Physicians’ Health Study II, the largest and lengthiest randomized professional trial of a multivitamin and mineral supplement performed to date (JAMA. 2012; 308:1871 -80). It stated a statistically considerable 8 percent decrease in total cancer cells incidence in man physicians.

“There is a sturdy body of proof to show the benefits that could be acquired from everyday multivitamin usage, however supposed ‘thrilling’ headings commonly obtain insurance coverage because of the debatable character of the material,” stated Manfred Eggersdorfer, elderly vice president, nourishment science and advocacy at DSM and professor for healthy maturing at the University of Groningen. “These conflicting messages can simply puzzle consumers and it is essential that researchers, health care specialists and governments react collectively to constantly strengthen the wealth of existing safe science. Today, we are joining with Dr. Frei and his fellow scientific professionals to highlight the essential duty that daily multivitamin supplementation could play in overall nutrition and health, and also the necessity for ongoing studio into possible wellness perks.”



This is another lesson that you cannot just believe the soundbites and headlines that come out these days without doing your own research. Plenty of times the mainstream media just latches on to a headline and spreads a false report without even thinking twice, and months later the truth comes out, but by that time, the damage is done and they have moved on to something else. Remember most people have a poor daily diet and most people, though they may look well fed, are actually malnurished. If this is you, supplement your nutrition with the vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and probiotics your body craves and needs.

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Author: Joe Vargas


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