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7 False Weight Loss Tips To Avoid? – Issue #111/1

posted by: Joe Vargas Monday 05/19/2014

Forget These 7 Weight Loss Tips If You Want To Lose Weight ?

Many people are in the middle of a new diet, or starting one for the Summer swimsuit season and for this reason I wanted to share some information to guide you in what NOT to do. There are so many conflicting ideas out there but at least you can eliminate these tips that many people wrongly believe in, this list comes from womenshealthmag.com, stick to a sensible diet with plenty of fruits & vegetables and of course exercise, have a great Summer:

Juice Cleanse

False Tip #1: Eat Lots of Mini Meals Throughout the Day these

1) Eating A Number Of Small Meals Per Day

You’ve heard that you ought to eat numerous small dishes a day to slim down– but no. Counting calories actually matters more than the number of dishes you consume daily, according to a brand-new research study.

2) Watch Your Scale Like A Hawk

A current research found that ladies who put the emphasis on the procedure of dropping pounds rather than the number on the scale really have better luck.

3) Cleaning Your System By Juicing

Sorry to break it to you, however any weight you drop on a juice cleaning will most likely come back as quickly as you’re back to eating regular dishes.

4) Snack Before Mealtime

Your 4 p.m. treat could not impact just how much you eat when you sit down to the dinner table, after all. People who treat before a dish take in about the very same variety of calories at the dish as people who don’t, according to a 2013 research.

5) Don’t Exercise Before Meals

A recent journal post reported that there’s no proof that working out makes you opt for more grub. Say buh-bye to that excuse for avoiding the gym!

6) Drink Only No Calorie Drinks

Typically, obese  and overweight dieters who sip on diet drinks consume the very same quantity of daily calories as people who consume the sweet kind, according to a current research. The concept behind the finding: Diet drinkers believe they’re conserving calories on refreshments but then wind up compensating by taking additional cals in by means of food. (The option, of course, is not to swap diet plan for regular beverages– it’s to cut out soda altogether!).

7) Skip Sweets While Dieting

Really, eating dark chocolate  in small amounts can assist in keeping your sweet tooth in check (and your salty tooth, and your fatty tooth), according to prior research.



Please remember, in your efforts to lose weight, that you are mindful of the nutrients your body needs more than focusing solely on calories. When you eat nutritious foods you will feel satiated and you will not feel hungry again right away. In this way you can lose weight while maintaining your health. Eat fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables and utilize probiotics in your diet in order to absorb more of the nutrients you provide to your body.

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