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FruitsMax is “Natural Multivitamin” and “Probiotics Supplement”. The reason these two are in one is because it contains 21 fruits and acidophilus probiotics. The combination is not only mutually beneficial but very essential to our health and well being. Here you will find videos from introduction of FruitsMax, FAQ to Indepth information about Probiotics.



Video #1: FruitsMax Explainer Video

You’d never realize what makes this multivitamin so unreal… ‘Til you take a closer look. What this product did to multivitamin market is EPIC. It redefined it. While everybody in the industry was comfortably producing synthetic multivitamins in their labs, we went back to nature.



Video #2: 21 Fruits in One Delicious Tablet

FruitsMax is a Natural Multivitamin that combines 21 fruits in one delicious tablet! For more information click FruitsMax, Natural Multivitamin to go to the main product page where you can find everything about FruitsMax, from product ingredients to the specific strain of probiotics we use in our product.



Video #3: FruitsMax FAQ

Watch the Frequently Asked Questions about FruitsMax, which is a natural “multivitamin” and “probiotics” supplement. The reason these 2 categories of supplements are in 1 tablet is because they both are mutually beneficial and most important very essential to your health. 


Video #4: All About Probiotics

Probiotics have been continuesly the buzz word for many years. Who are they? What potential benefits do they have for you? This and many other very important asnwers you’ll get watching this video. We probably could not make a better video explaining probiotics than this excellent video from NPR. Please watch it and if you want to know more about the specific strain of probiotics we use in FruitsMax, click the link Probiotics, and it will take you to the page where you can download the sceintific studies done during the last 50 years about the strain we use in FruitsMax.


And Probiotics Supplement



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