7 Steps of making FruitsMax

FruitsMax, a seasonal product goes through 7 steps from Nature to your hands. From mineral rich volcanic soil to the fruits pollination and growth, from hand picked harvesting to lyophilization, from mixing 21 fruits and “Narine” probiotics powder to safety and quality inspections and eventually to final packaging.


Step 1

Mineral Rich Volcanic soil

One of the most influential factors of fruits quality is the soil in which it grows. The fruits used for FruitsMax manufacturing are collected in mineral rich volcanic soil of Ararat Valley and across Armenia.

Armenia is a small country located in the South Caucasus. For centuries it’s been known for superior quality fruit and wines. The world’s first winery, which dates back more than 6,100 years ago, was found in Armenia. The quality of fruits and their taste is explained by the unique geography, located on average 1,000 meters (and up to 4,090) above sea level in volcanic topography.

The dry climate with an average of 300 sunny days a year, coupled with perfect soil conditions and clean mineral rich water from mountains in Armenia make for an ideal environment for growing, healthy, fresh, minerals and nutrient rich fruits.


Step 2

Fruits blossom and ripening

Another major step in FruitsMax manufacturing is waiting for fruits to fully blossom and ripen. During this stage two factors are important:

First, farmers need to be careful of heavy rain and hail, which can destroy the blossoming fruits flowers. Armenia equips over 300 “anti-hail” guns, with the help of shock waves, destroying hail clouds before they damage the standing fruits.

Second, farmers care about the pollination of fruits. This is done by cooperating with the local honey makers who move their bee hives close to the orchards where the fruits grow. This benefits not only the fruits farmers but also the honey producers.

Step 3

Hand-picked harvesting

For fruits to grow well there are 5 determining factors: land, warmth, air, light and water. These 5 factors together, create a synthesis necessary for fruits to grow. Armenia with its mild continental climate has favorable conditions in all of the above-mentioned factors.

The fruits used for FruitsMax manufacturing are hand-picked. Local farmers bring freshly harvested fruits to one location from where they are picked up and brought directly to the factory.

Some of the fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and cornelian cherry grow on mountains and hillsides, having the optimal amount of body-beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

There are 21 fruits in every FruitsMax tablet!



Step 4


All fruits upon being harvested are brought to the factory for Lyophilization. Why is this important?

Usually the fruits found in department stores and groceries are weeks and sometimes months old. They were collected not in the fully ripened state, which means they don’t have the optimal amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants. Also some companies and department stores use chemicals to preserve the fresh look of fruits.

To address these issues, FruitsMax uses Lyophilization which freeze-dries fruits in their fully ripened state. Lyophilization, which is the most expensive technology in the market, is also the most effective in preserving all of the nutrients within fully ripened fruits. Lyophilized fruits powder can stay as long as 2 years without the use of chemicals and preservatives.

Step 5

Mixing 21 fruits and “Narine” probiotics

After Lyophilization the fruits powder is mixed with “Narine” probiotics. The “Narine” probiotics (a member of Lactobacillus Acidophilus family) was added to the 21 fruits as the result of scientific studies that proved that “Narine” probiotics help to increase the penetration of fruits’ vitamins and minerals into our bodies.

“Narine” probiotics is one of the longest studied strains of probiotics in the world. Over the past 50 years many scientific studies in Armenia, Russia, Japan and other countries discovered that “Narine” probiotics strengthens the immune system and fights the harmful bacteria in our stomach and intestine. (For more information about the “Scientific Research Collection about “Narine” probiotics” please click here.)

Combines, Lyophilization and “Narine” probiotics increases the bioavailability of FruitsMax tablet up to 90% as opposed to fresh fruits’ 5% and fresh fruits juice’s 40%-60%. (For more information about the “Bioavailability of FruitsMax Tablets” please click here.)



Step 6

Safety and quality inspections

Safety and quality inspections are at the heart of everything we do. Since FruitsMax is the result of combining Nature (21 fruits and “Narine” probiotics) and Science (Lyophilization) we conduct necessary inspection in all of these 2 fields.

The process of manufacturing, safety and efficacy inspections are outlined in the “Manufacturing Process of FruitsMax” and are done in accordance to international standards.

After safety and quality inspections are finished the batch of tablets are sent to final manufacturing and packaging that is outlined in next step.

Step 7

Final packaging

The bottle filling and final packaging is done in a microbiologically clean environment ensuring that no other substance can interfere with the 21 fruits and “Narine” probiotics. After the final packaging the products are stored in a special, environmentally controlled warehouse.

All the 7 steps of manufacturing FruitsMax are done with one goal – To make the taking of your daily amount of fruits easier! From 21 mouthwatering fruits to the penetration increasing benefit of “Narine” probiotics, every serving of FruitsMax is as delicious as it is effective for your health.



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